Nemo Tosco

"If it's broke, I will fix it!"


Blue Mon Calamari with yellow markings. Intelligent and likes to tinker.


Nemonicus Tosco was a proud, strong, and adventurous Jedi of the Republic. Unlike most Jedi, his emotions sometimes got in the way, much less his temper causing him to make rash decisions. While on a retreat back to his home world of Mon Calamari, he met and fell in love with a beautiful and intelligent Mon Cal starship engineer named Rala. They spent a week together, filled with passion and in each other’s arms. Before long, they both parted ways to go back to their responsibilities and lives.

A few months go by, and Nemonicus gets an urgent message from Rala. It seems their escapade had led to an unexpected surprise. Though emotional at times and quick to make decisions, Nemonicus still had honor and was a Jedi. He went before the council to tell them the truth about what had happened. For the infraction he was given an “assignment” (as punishment) on a backwater world in the Outer Rim. He was told not to make contact with Rala. The council would keep an eye on the child, especially if it was found to be force sensitive.

Eventually Rala gives birth to a healthy, blue skinned baby, and names him Nemo after his father. A Jedi sent by the council comes to test Nemo. He finds the baby to have a strong connection to the force. He tells Rala, that when the child is of age, he can be taken in by the order. This upsets Rala, but she is smart, reasonable and understands the Jedi Order would be best for him. Within a few months, Nemo starts to show signs of early intelligence. He advances way faster than most children his age, but doesn’t show signs of Force usage.

Nemo’s early years are spent on a Mon Cal starship in the engineering section. Rala, being the Chief Engineer, teaches him some mechanical basics, which seem to come natural to him. By the age of 2, Nemo is as smart as a 10 year old. He also loves to take things apart, and put them back together (usually working better).

Rala eventually tells Nemo who his father is, how he is a strong and courageous Jedi of the Republic. She tells him that when he is older, the Jedi Order will come to take him to be trained as a Jedi like his father. At first Nemo doesn’t understand, he has never met his father, his mother and the starship is his home. Rala comforts Nemo, tells him it will be all right, and it’s what’s best for him.

By the age of 5, Nemo has grown immensely in intelligence, but not in size or strength. His head is rather large, and is a source of bullying from the other children. Though picked on and losing most physical fights, he never backs down and usually finds a way to outsmart his opponent. He tries his best to protect others too, standing up for those who need it.

Rala tells Nemo the Jedi Order will be coming to take him to his new home, where he will have many opportunities to grow and learn, just like his father. He is distraught at leaving his mother and the only life he has known. She reassures him that this is his path, that this will be the future he needs. She will always be here for him, safe and sound on the starship.

Nemo and his mother are packing his things when the door bell chimes. Nemo is sad and scared all at once. Rala comforts Nemo, and goes to answer the door. A few moments later, Nemo hears Rala gasp. Nemo quickly runs out of the room to see his mother standing with a tall, broad shouldered, blue skinned Mon Cal, looking much like a scruffy smuggler or outer rim ruffian. Nemo confused, looks to his mother questioningly. “This is your father, Nemonicus Tosco,” says Rala. Suddenly angry, looking his father up and down Nemo says, “Thought you said he was a jedi?” Nemoncius laughs a deep chuckle and kneels down before him, “I am a Jedi son, and I have been on assignment in the outer rim for a while. Wearing Jedi robes isn’t too great of an idea out there.” Nemo steps back, “Why are you here?” Nemonicus stands, looking down at the son he doesn’t know, “It’s time for you to join the Jedi Order, begin your training and meet your full potential.”

Nemo tries to reason with Rala, but she knows deep down this is the right path for him and reassures him everything will be okay. Eventually they say their goodbyes and head out on Nemonicus’ freighter. They make the jump to lightspeed, Nemonicus says, “Make yourself comfortable, I am hitting the refresher to change out of these dingy clothes.”

Nemo looks around; he has been on a few similar freighters to this one. Always the inquisitive one, he is drawn to a large storage locker. He scoots a chair up to the door, hops up and opens it. Nemo gazes inside and is amazed to see a finely crafted suit of battle armor, adorned with the Republic and Jedi Order symbols. He traces his fingers over it…

Suddenly a vision passes through Nemo’s mind. He sees a young Nemonicus, training and perfecting his combat skills. Next he sees his father acquiring a Jedi forged suit of armor, then taking it to a planet covered in water, Nemo knows its Mon Cal. Nemonicus then gives the armor to an older, graying Mon Cal to fix and adjust for him. The vision ends…

“I see you found my prized possession,” Nemoncius says entering the room, dressed in Jedi robes and startling Nemo from his visions. Nemo looks up, “Uh yeah, sorry was just curious.” His father looks at him smiling, “Its fine, in fact that armor was made for me by your grandfather. He is one of the finest trade craftsmen on Mon Cal, though is most likely retired at this point.” Nemo curiously ask, “Haven’t seen him for a while?” Sadness quickly passes across his father’s face, “No, the life of a Jedi is one of solitary.” He looks at Nemo knowingly, “It’s difficult to keep… relationships going.”

Not liking the awkward silence, Nemo changes the subject, “What about this fancy lightsaber I hear so much about.” Nemoncius smiles and walks over to a keypad, enters a few numbers and the wall panel slides open. He reaches inside and pulls out a bluish black cylinder, and displays it to Nemo. Nemo, very interested says, “What is it made from? Never seen a metal like that before?” “It’s not actually made from metal; it’s a rare coral from our home world. The coral is very dense and strong, much like plastisteel.” Nemonicus ignites the saber, the blade emits a blue glow with a black core. Nemo stares in amazement. “The lightsaber isn’t just a weapon, it’s a tool to be used in the right situations”, his father wisely tells him. Father and son get to know each other over the long flight. They discuss Rala, the Jedi Order, Nemo’s smarts, and abilities.

They eventually make it to Corusanct and the Jedi Academy, where Nemo will spend a big part of his life. Nemonicus kneels down before Nemo. “There are many paths a Jedi can take son, you just have to find the one that is best for you. Learn all you can, push yourself as far as your body can go. Trust in the Force, and most important of all, trust in yourself.” They hug and part ways, Nemo is taken in to begin his training as a Jedi.

It is difficult at first for Nemo. New surrounding mixed with people he doesn’t know frightens him a bit. He thinks about his mother, how proud she will be of him. This gives him courage and dedication to do the best he can. Though small in stature, he was smart and could easily figure things out.

The years go by, Nemo excels at academics, but not as good in the physical training. He does his best and never gives up, but prefers to tinker and learn. The masters are amazed by his mechanical aptitude; his ability to repair and create working items from random parts is exceptional. He also applies this to his combat training, focusing mostly with his training saber combat, he added pieced together “armor” to help his small body with the abuse. This surprised the teachers, but they allowed it as it seemed to help Nemo during the training.

By the age of 13 Nemo had finished his initiate training, and was preparing to be a Padawan under a Jedi Master. Though it was doubtful to happen, Nemo hoped it would be his father. He hasn’t seen him since he left him on the Academy’s doorstep. With the onset of the Clone wars, Jedi were spread far and thin commanding the Republics forces. Nemo last knew his father was in the Outer Rim. Either way he prepared himself and trusted that the Force would guide him.

Late one night Nemo is having a dream about his mother, on the engineering deck. Usually the dreams are of when he was a small child and it was his was home. This dream was different, almost as if it was happening now. He could see his mother, aged from the years but still beautiful as ever, standing near a terminal looking over a datapad. Suddenly the danger alarms clatter, the ship rocks as if being hit by something. Chaos erupts as everyone mans their stations, Rala directs everyone the best she can as the ship is rocked terribly harder, knocking people to the ground. Rala gets up, makes her way to a terminal, smoke and sparks are flying everywhere. She reaches over and touches a picture of Nemo and her having fun and full of smiles. It brings a smile to her face for a moment, she quickly regains her composure and begins yelling commands again. The ship rocks violently for one last time, then nothingness. Nemo awakes violently from his sleep screaming for his mother…

As the weeks went by, the reports came back of a Separatist attack on Republic ships. Nemo’s dream had been true and his mother perished on the ship. Nemo closed himself off from everyone, unable to cope. He fell behind in his studies and training, unable to process what had happened.

Sitting in his room one evening, tinkering with some gadgets, Nemo feels a disturbance in the Force. Despair, sadness, rage, fear rush over him and through his room. Looking out his window and to his surprise he sees the Academy is under attack. Clone troopers are everywhere firing on Jedi both master and student alike. Fear and disbelief running through him Nemo looks around at his room, trying to figure out what to do. Blaster fire and lightsaber combat erupt in the hall outside his room. The combat stops, and there is silence. Someone begins walking down the hall and stops in front of Nemo’s Door. Having no weapons, Nemo kneels down and prepares to fight for his life. The door opens and in comes Nemonicus, blaster in one hand, saber in the other, dressed in his roguish clothing. Nemo’s fear drains away to relief, “We need to move son, we aren’t safe here!” Nemo gathers a few things and they leave, making their way out of the academy through service tunnels untouched. They run through tunnels and underground for what seems like forever. Eventually they make their way above ground and to a shuttle. Surprisingly they have no trouble getting off planet and jumping to lightspeed.

Nemonicus explains that Senator Palpatine has given himself sole power and has turned the Clone Troopers against the Jedi. He says many are dead, nowhere in the core is safe. He tells Nemo, that he will stay with his grandfather. Nemo argues against it, but his father reassures him he will be safe and taken care of. May even learn a few things.

Your grandfather is going to take good care of you while I am gone. I have to go finish something before we can go off and be safe. Maybe we can meet your mother’s family too.” He smiles at his son, with a little sadness in his eyes. “Remember your training, but be weary of showing it off. See you soon kid.” He hugs him goodbye, and leaves.

The years pass, but Nemo never hears from his father, always wondering what happened to him. When he turns 18 he decides to head to the Outer Rim in search of his father. His grandfather, knowing this day would come, gives him a traditional Mon Cal weapon called a Coral Pike which he crafted for him. “Take this, but remember it isn’t your only weapon,” as he points at Nemo’s head.

Nemo, gear packed, heads to the starport to begin his journey. With luck he finds a ship in need of a mechanic, and heads off to the Outer Rim hoping to find his father, while running from his past….

Nemo Tosco

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