Edo Nymra

A former Separatist with a hatred for the Empire


Edo is very tall (over 2 m) and slender, a very average build for a Muun.

He is very intentional in his movements and actions.

He wears a dress outfit that steals style features from a Separatist officer’s uniform.


Edo is a wealthy individual who makes his home in a high rise on Cloud City. He treats his “employees” extremely well, often paying for their accommodations during business meetings.

He never talks business outside of his home, which if guarded by a decommissioned super battle droid.

Edo is staunchly anti-Imperial, but does not consider himself a Rebel. He’s not looking to overthrow the Empire, just make their lives as difficult as possible.

Roscoe P. Coltrain owes Edo a debt for purchasing the original Roscoe P. Coltrain’s hat at a Cloud City auction. Half of this debt has been paid.

Edo Nymra

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